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Aug 9 2017  |  Articles/White Papers

MR Magazine: A Matter of Time

“During the past few years, I’ve met with many CEOs and leaders in our industry who have lamented the state of their businesses.  While they acknowledged that their business was at risk if radical changes were not made, more often than not, these executives ‘tinkered’ rather than reinvented or radically changed their business structures.  For the most part, they were unwilling to endure the pain and angst needed to reverse their companies diminishing future.  They were in denial, rationalizing why they couldn’t do what had to be done.  A number of these same CEOs are now asking themselves why they didn’t do what they should have done when they should have done it.  The reality is that if you don’t deal with your company’s future now, the market will.  It’s just matter of time.” 


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